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I knew Art as a member of the same church, Lost Pines Cowboy Church in Elgin.

While I also knew several other local realtors, I chose Art because I knew that he was a good family man, Christian, former Elder of our church and has always been very approachable and friendly. I found that as a realtor he is very professional and takes time to explain anything and everything to me and even repeated for me when necessary. I never felt pressured to do anything and I felt like he was "going to bat" for me when needed (with the warranty company). He was very patient in explaining things and helped me to understand his responsibility to me and to his profession. He is very compassionate also to the buyer and the process they are going through. If he could facilitate in any way, he did. I highly recommend Art Wilkerson if you are in the market to buy, sell or anything else he may do.

Billie McComb

Get with Art if you're searching for property!

Him and his wife, Jennifer Ellison Wilkerson are amazing!! Art Wilkerson #1 Real Estate Agent in Texas Y'all!! Just had to share!

Kelly & Rosalee Kibby

All Glory to God!

! He always provides and has amazing plans for you if you just let go and give him control. We have loved watching him work through this awesome opportunity. If you haven’t seen our live go check it out!! We closed on our dream land today!! And God saw us through the whole time. He placed a awesome man in our life Art Wilkerson to help make this all possible. Thank you for allowing God to use you and be apart of his amazing plan.

Cody & Kimberley Goodwill

My Daughter was on her way to becoming a first time home owner and with Art Wilkerson's help, my daughter Leslie's dream came true.

She and her family are now the proud owners of a 3 bed 3 bathroom home in Smithville Tx, The smile on my daughters face the day she was handed the keys will live with me forever. Thank You So much Art for all you have done and then some.

Belinda Rodriguez

Our experience with Art Wilkerson was excellent!

Art successfully navigated us through the uncertain process of purchasing our first home. Art listened carefully to our priorities, applied his winning strategies while helping us to avoid any pitfalls, and negotiate some free upgrades before closing. We were fortunate to have worked with such a competent realtor who really cared about protecting our interests. We couldn’t be happier with the results. We love our new home and we highly recommend Art Wilkerson to others.

Thom & Shirley Davidson

In June 2016 I took a transfer with my job to move back closer to family.

My wife and I had bought our place in Lockhart, TX and really enjoyed it for the 7 years we lived there. We were referred to Art Wilkerson by a neighbor who had previous dealings with him. The neighbor offered a positive reference and we gave Mr. Wilkerson a call to discuss selling our property. We set up a time to meet with Art to look at our place. From the first meeting until the last paperwork was signed to close on the property, Art worked hard to get us the best deal for our place. He is very knowledgeable about his business and the steps that need to be taken to ensure everyone is treated fairly at the end of the process. He had the contacts needed to handle all inspections and any improvements we couldn't handle ourselves. In several situations Art went what I felt to be beyond what any other agent would have done to ensure the sale of our property. He used state-of-the-art technology to advertise our place and make our online listing look really nice by using aerial footage professionally taken with use of a drone. I didn't realize how good our place looked until watching it. From the work done to prepare our property for listing down to the best times and ways to list, Art did a great job. He kept us informed on progress and information about the process. This in turn made many decisions that would have otherwise been difficult, much less stressful. I sincerely believe Art Wilkerson is an honest, hard-working, Christian man that will put forth his best efforts for the people he is working for. If I were in need of a realtor in the Central TX area I would use Art again without question.

Brian Westbrook

My wife and I purchased a residential lot for our dream house in Hays County with Art Wilkerson's help and assistance.

He was incredibly responsive, and he was current on all recent and related activity in the area. The knowledge of related local activity really aided our negotiations and decision-making process. In addition, Art not only stayed involved all of the ways through the closing, he also helped me sometime later when I had questions about our County appraisal. Although Art had long since earned his commission, he still assisted with finding information necessary to address the local appraisal district.

Mike Marcin

Art Wilkerson stood by us throughout a difficult sale.

The buyer’s lender kept demanding more documentation right before three different closing dates. He also was instrumental in resolving wind damage that occurred during the delays caused by the moving closing dates. His experience in home repairs and refurbishing was crucial to the sale. Art is an honorable man above all. When my buyer came to me, Art insisted on finding another agent to represent the buyer. Be assured that Art will see your house sold, doing his utmost and whatever it takes. Without any doubt I highly recommend him.

Adrian May

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Art as your Real Estate agent.

Whether you are buying or selling. We have used Art's services and experience to purchase properties and sell properties. His knowledge and ability to research properties was fantastic. And he sold our other one in 5 days. Great person to work with!

Paige Webb
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"My wife and I purchased a residential lot for our dream house in Hays County with Art's help and assistance. He was incredibly responsive, and he was current on all recent and related activity in the ... more "
by mpmarcin
"My Daughter was on her way to become a first time home owner and with Art's help my daughter Leslie's dream came true. She and her family are now the proud owners of a 3 bd 3 bthrm home in Smithville ... more "
by bastroptxn
"I was looking for a property to lease & came across one that Art manages. Art was not friendly, did not have any information on what would be fixed, cleaned & done to a property before move in (broken ... more "
by Nat alie

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